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SVN Auction Services to conduct sale of 24 properties in Richmond

SVN Auction Services to conduct sale of 24 properties in Richmond

May 17 auction comprises 16 city-owned and 8 consignment properties

Richmond, VA (May 3, 2017) – SVN Auction Services founding partner SVN/Motleys – in conjunction with the City of Richmond – will conduct the sale of 16 city-owned and 8 consignment properties. The sale includes residential homes, vacant lots and a commercial property.

The sale will be at 4 p.m. Wednesday, May 17, at the offices of SVN/Motleys at 3600 Deepwater Terminal Road in Richmond. Online bidding is available now at svnmotleys.com.

An available property singled out by Tim Dudley, CAI, AARE, senior advisor for SVN/Motleys, is a three-bedroom, two-and-half-bath single-family house at 522 Chimborazo Blvd. in the Church Hill area of Richmond.

The home was built in 2008 and features 1,736-square-feet of living space. Its 2017 tax-assessed value is $185,000.

“This is an outstanding investment property in a revitalized area of the city,” Dudley said. “We anticipate a lively sale, not only for this house, but for the other development opportunities with the available properties.”

The home is one of 10 included in the auction. The sale offers investment opportunities in Oakwood, Carver, Northside, East End and Battery Court, among other areas of the city.

The properties are listed below with address, area, type and 2017 tax assessment.


City-owned properties


  1. 2113 Warwick Ave., Melrose, vacant lot, $8,000
  2. 1832 Keswick Ave.; Richmond Summit; three-bedroom house $30,000
  3. 1408 Willis St.; Center Hill; three-bedroom, one-bath house; $34,000
  4. 3316 Terminal Ave.; Cherry Gardens; four-bedroom, one-bath house (shell); $58,000
  5. 2108 2nd Ave., Chestnut Hill, vacant lot, $22,000
  6. 2121 Greenwood Ave., vacant lot, $22,000
  7. 2308 Greenwood Ave., Battery Court, vacant lot, $35,000
  8. 3402 3rd Ave.; Vawter Court, one-bath house, $56,000
  9. 2416 North Ave., Battery Court, general retail/service, $90,000
  10. 1428 N. 19th St.; Fairmont Park; three-bedroom, one-bath house; $14,000
  11. 1432 N. 19th St.; Fairmont Park; four-bedroom, two-bath house; $16,000
  12. 1316 N. 21st St., Fairmont, house, $25,000
  13. 1016 N. 32nd St., Church Hill North, three-bedroom house, $46,000
  14. 814 Norton St., Carver, vacant lot, $30,000
  15. 3508 Briel St.; Oakwood; two-bedroom, one-bath house; $66,000
  16. 522 Chimborazo Blvd.; Church Hill; three-bedroom, two-and-half-bath house; $185,000


Consignment properties


  1. 0 Mount Clement Park, Tappahannock, Va., vacant lot (No. 8), $98,400
  2. 17211 Shands Road, Petersburg, vacant lot, $36,900
  3. 00 Jamestown Road, Ashland, vacant lot, $47,000
  4. 1508 Latin Ave., Highland Springs, vacant lot, $8,000
  5. 00 Lowell St., vacant lot, $15,100
  6. 1509 Rogers St., vacant lot, $10,000
  7. 2420 Hey Road, vacant lot, $35,000
  8. 9516 Fernleigh Dr., Fernleigh, vacant lot, $18,000




Tim Dudley, CAI, AARE, senior advisor, SVN/Motley / 804-822-3131 [email protected] 

Ken Zeszutko, Zeszutko Corp.-PR on behalf of SVN Auction Services / 321-213-1818 [email protected]


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