SVN/Motleys to conduct sale of 33 tax-delinquent properties in Richmond

Aug. 23 auction comprises 33 city-owned, 5 consignment, 1 surplus properties

Richmond, VA (Aug. 9, 2017) – SVN/Motleys, a founding partner of SVN Auction Services – in conjunction with the City of Richmond – will conduct the sale of 1 surplus, 5 consignment and 33 city-owned properties. The sale includes residential houses, and residential and commercial lots.

The sale will be at 4 p.m. Wednesday, Aug. 23, at the offices of SVN/Motleys at 3600 Deepwater Terminal Road in Richmond. Online bidding is available now at

An available property singled out by Tim Dudley, CAI, AARE, senior advisor for SVN/Motleys, is a three-parcel listing comprising nearly 7 acres in the South Central section of the city on Warwick and Rear Hull Street roads.

“This is an outstanding investment and development opportunity in a revitalized area of the city,” Dudley said. “We expect a large turnout, not only for this parcel, but for the other investor opportunities with the available properties.”

The three parcels have a combined 2017 tax assessment of $465,000.

The properties are listed below with address, area, type and 2017 tax assessment.

City-owned properties

  1. 1401 N. 22nd St., Fairmount, .087-acre lot, $20,000
  2. 1310 N. 23rd St., Fairmount, .06-acre lot, $20,000
  3. 1510 N. 24th St., East End, 2-bedroom house, $19,000
  4. 1708 N. 24th St., Peter Paul Trail, 3-bedroom/1-bath house, $30,000
  5. 1709 N. 24th St., Peter Paul Trail, 3-bedroom/1-bath house, $36,000
  6. 1406 N. 25th St., East End, 4-bedroom house, $93,000
  7. 514 N. 26th St., East End, .077-acre lot, $45,000
  8. 1709 N. 28th St., Valentine Mechler Plan, 3-bedroom/2-bath house, $126,000
  9. 2000 N. 29th St., Woodville, .148-acre lot, $18,000
  10. 2110 N. 29th St., Woodville, .154-acre lot, $18,000
  11. 2112 N. 29th St., Woodville, .072-acre lot, $15,000
  12. 1320 aka 1322 N. 31st St., East End, .133-acre lot, $18,000
  13. 2200 Redd St., Newmans Plan, 4-bedroom house, $19,00
  14. 1207 Ashley St., Harrison Place, .138-acre lot, $20,000
  15. 2807 Newbourne St., Woodville, 3-bedroon/1-bath house, $31,000
  16. 1906 Chelsea St., Worsham Court, 3-bedroon/1-bath house, $60,000
  17. 1806 Sussex St., Eastview, 3-bedroon/1-bath house, $64,000
  18. 2209 E. Marshall St., East End, .095-acre lot, $70,000
  19. *2106 N. 29th St., Woodville, 3-bedroon/2-bath house, $52,000; 2820 Purcell St., Woodville, .236-acre lot, $20,000; 2822 Purcell St., Woodville, .1866-acre lot, $18,000; 2824 Purcell St., Woodville, .054-acre lot, $15,000
  20. 3104 N. 3rd Ave., Highland Park, 2-bath house, $55,000
  21. 3159 Decatur St., Weisigers Plan, .117-acre lot, $10,000
  22. 4307 Deloak Ave., Broad Rock Home, .89-acre lot, $30,000
  23. 1832 Keswick Ave., Richmond Summit, 3-bedroom house, $30,000
  24. 4200 Terminal Ave., Southside, 1.75-acre lot, $20,000
  25. 3940 Terminal Ave., Southside, 5.45-acre lot, $145,000
  26. 9 W. 31st St., West Manchester, 1-bath house, $49,000
  27. x-5300 Rear Hull Street Road, South Central, 1.75-acre lot, $106,000; 5315 Warwick Road, South Central, .187-acre lot, $10,000; 5323 Warwick Road, South Central, 5-acre lot, $349,000
  28. 4713 Fitzhugh Ave., Monument Ave Park, 4-bedroom/1-bath house, $158,000

Note: *2106 North 29th and 2820-22-24 Purcell to be sold as one parcel; x-5300 Rear Hull Street and 5315 and 5323 Warwick to be sold as one parcel

Surplus property

  1. 816 Riverside Park, Oregon Hill, .06-acre lot, $60,000

Consignment properties

  1. 300 E. Graham Road, Battery Court, 1.14-acre lot, $70,000.00
  2. 9516 Fernleigh Drive, .35-acre lot, $18,000.00
  3. Mount Clement Park (Lot 8), Tappahannock (Essex County), 1.23-acre commercial lot, $98,400
  4. New Lot 10 – West Point Industrial Park, West Point, VA (King William County), 2.00-acre commercial lot, $120,000
  5. Main Street Portfolio, Waverly, VA (Sussex County), Commercial Redevelopment Opportunity

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Tim Dudley, CAI, AARE, senior advisor, SVN/Motley / 804-822-3131 [email protected]

 Ken Zeszutko, Zeszutko Corp.-PR on behalf of SVN Auction Services / 321-213-1818 [email protected]